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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Trails im Bikepark Geißkopf.
Impressionen aus dem Bikepark Geißkopf.
Auf den Trails in Bischofsmais.
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Biking „SQUARED“ on the Green Rooftop of Europe

"drEnt und Herent" - Biking over Borders

Biking in double pack - that is in the heart of the Bavarian- Bohemian border mountain range! The facts: 17 trails, 2 bike parks in direct neighbourhood and 1 common ticket. A cooperation of the two European TOP-bike parks - Geißkopf in the ARBERLAND BAYVARIAN FOREST and Bike Park Špičák in the Bohemian Forest with the “GRAVITY- EUROPEAN LEADING BIKEPARKS” makes this possible. .

The additional value of this combi-offer is not only the plus of alternation but also on balance in a cheaper price.

Pay once and have fun as the whim takes in the most popular bike parks of Europe. Many other bike parks especially in Austria can be used with the GraVity- Season Card without additional charges.

For bikers, who want to cross national borders with their bike, this means they also want to test their personal boarders. Freeride, Northshore, Downhill & Co offer every opportunity for that…

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