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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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Signposting of the MTB Paths

Signposting of the mountain bike region ARBERLAND

Beschilderung - MTB-Region ARBERLANDARBERLAND REGio GmbH

The signposting in the mountain bike region ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST in the county of Regen was adapted to the already existing one in the National Park Bavarian Forest.

With this signposting also people who know the region can orientate safely in the ARBERLAND. The logo alongside is completed with the respective number of the tour and the driving direction.


Different difficulty levels of the tours

The difficulty regions help bikers at the choice of the tracks and the choice of equipment. The rules according to which the mountain bike routes are marked with difficulty levels, are not a law and not a regulation, but a standard that was determined by the ARBERLAND as part of a project work, after which the classification into blue, red, black and yellow was made.

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